Statement on Racial Equality

We at Walkers strongly condemn racism, systemic bias and discrimination. We are horrified by the tragic killings of black men and women, and acknowledge that these events are painful for many. We stand with the black community and all others who are victims of racial injustice.

Equality, inclusion, diversity and fairness are key elements of our culture. We seek to reflect these values within our firm, and are committed to working to effect change and instil a sense of hope for a brighter and more equitable future.

We understand that words will not be enough. We must listen to the voices of those impacted by racial injustice, and act decisively. That is why we are enhancing our dialogue and training to better understand and address the ways prejudice and racism impact the workplace and our societies. We are also contributing our resources to support initiatives that seek to protect the rights of minorities, eliminate racial injustice and represent those who would otherwise be unheard.