Walkers Recognises Inspirational Women on International Women's Day

In celebration of International Women's Day, Walkers is recognising 12 women across its global offices who were nominated by fellow colleagues for their inspiring leadership.

Here's what their peers had to say about them:

Elaine Anderson, Senior Vice President, Cayman Islands

Elaine's caring attitude makes her a true leader and not just a "boss." She leads from a higher purpose and activates potential in me even when I do not see it in myself. She continues to encourage and provide constructive feedback and is always encouraging me to continue with my personal growth. Elaine has boosted my confidence and has made me the best version of myself.

Linda Campos, Business Development Executive, Jersey

Linda is unbelievably organised and is always all over the detail and she does everything with a huge smile – which you can even see from behind her face mask! She is an amazing problem solver, super professional, always cheerful and she has ensured that our events run smoothly and very successfully with her fabulous planning and organisational skills. Linda is always supportive of new ideas and has an entrepreneurial approach with her suggestions. She comes up with genius ways to improve current programmes and add value for Walkers.

Paige Gaston-Thiery, Partner, Cayman Islands

Paige is so committed and enthusiastic about her job and her role as partner and leader; her dedication to doing right by Walkers as a business, alongside doing right by Walkers' employees, is something to be marvelled. She is fiercely independent and strong willed while at the same time being compassionate and empathetic. I think she is a true leader and is very much a role model for all women in Walkers.

Annabelle Jules, Regional Compliance Manager, London

Annabelle has been instrumental in supporting the Compliance team generally, but specifically women of colour within the team in being confident in themselves, their abilities and exploring their boundaries. As an advocate for Diversity and Inclusion at the firm, she has shown true dedication. Day-to-day she is always ready to help and offer her support wherever possible. Annabelle is diligent and thoughtful and deserves to be recognised for her efforts.

Caroline Heal, Partner, Cayman Islands

Caroline devotes so much of her time to training and developing young lawyers in the articled clerk programme and also to developing our firm's precedent library, which are both things that are often hard to fit into a busy practice of demanding client matters. She is also a great example of a successful female partner who seems to have found balance between family life and her career. She is a great role model for young female attorneys at Walkers.

Kristen Kwok, Partner, Hong Kong

Kristen's leadership style demonstrates that one can create a high functioning and commercially astute team without sacrificing empathy or compassion. Kristen makes me feel confident enough to lead but also safe enough to ask questions. This ability is coupled with her willingness to lead by example and show her team that achievement at work can and should go hand-in-hand with nurturing one's family. Kristen celebrates good news at work with the same enthusiasm as good news at home.

Stephanie Jackson, Fiduciary Services Executive, Cayman Islands

Stephanie always strives to excel in both her work and further education. It's inspiring to see someone who constantly pushes herself higher and achieves great things.

Aicha Maka-Asseko, Corporate Services Administrator, Dubai

There is a SuperLady who always keeps her head up high,
Her motivation is much brighter than the Dubai sky.
She has the aura, creativity and courage that I do admire,
To keep the team spirit high and at the same time to inspire.

Ingrid Pierce, Global Managing Partner, Cayman Islands

I have always admired the way Ingrid makes it a priority to stay connected with people across our global network - travelling many weeks out of the year, to be present for key milestones of the firm’s evolution. She keeps us connected and plays a critical part in shaping the firm’s culture. Ingrid has a wonderful way of making everyone in the organisation feel seen, and their contributions valued.

Alison Ozanne, Partner, Guernsey

Alison is passionate about what she does and having set up her own successful law firm, she encourages and inspires others to feel the same way about law as she does. She always has time for people and is setting up a Summer Law School this year to encourage students to take up a career in law. Alison is an exceptional lawyer and is well respected and highly thought of by all.

Caroline Williams, Partner, Cayman Islands

Caroline’s uncompromising commitment to delivering not only best quality advice but also best in class service sets her apart from just about any other practitioner I have ever worked with. Caroline oversees some of our largest and most complex client relationships at Walkers. She manages this, all as a working mother, and still ensures each client feels that they are her top priority.

Angela Robertson, General Counsel, London

"Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence." – Sheryl Sanderg
Angela is a prime example of what Sheryl Sandberg is describing here. She truly believes in every single member of her team and provides a platform for everyone, irrespective of level of authority, to feed into key decisions.

Ingrid Pierce Global Managing PartnerT +1 345 814 4667ingrid.pierce@walkersglobal.com
Caroline WilliamsPartnerT +1 345 914 6342caroline.williams@walkersglobal.com

Alison OzannePartnerT +44 (0) 1481 748 905alison.ozanne@walkersglobal.com

Kristen KwokPartnerT +852 2596 3324kristen.kwok@walkersglobal.com

Angela RobertsonGeneral Counsel, Chief Risk and Compliance OfficerT +44 (0)203 880 4914angela.robertson@walkersglobal.com

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