Life After Brexit - How has the Landscape Changed?

Cayman Islands Regulatory & Risk Advisory expert Lucy Frew will be speaking at the IBA's 31st Annual Conference on the Globalisation of Investment Funds, where she'll share insight on how the funds landscape has changed after Brexit and answer the following questions: 

  • What has been the impact of Brexit on non-EU managers seeking to raise capital in the EU?
  • Will the UK continue to account for such a significant amount of assets under management in Europe and as a global investment management hub?
  • What might a new deal between the UK and the EU look like? Will we see more divergence between regulatory regimes?
  • Has any Brexit-related restructuring had any unintended or unforeseen consequences (positive or negative)?

Date: 24 May 2022
Time: 2.30 pm - 3.30 pm (Central Time)


Lucy FrewPartnerT +1 345 814

Lucy FrewPartnerT +1 345 814

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