Lucy Frew to speak at Stanford Law School's virtual DAO Symposium

Lucy Frew will be speaking on a panel at Stanford Law School's virtual DAO Symposium. The panel will discuss corporate governance and risk management.

DAOs - or decentralized autonomous organizations - have the potential to revolutionize governance as we know it. But many open questions remain regarding the role and legal structure of DAOs, the types of incentives that should be used to encourage network and governance participation, the best way to tailor voting mechanisms to particular projects and communities, the structure and operations of DAO treasuries, and the characterization of governance tokens under federal securities laws, to name a few. The Stanford DAO Symposium will bring together Web3 leaders, developers, advisors, academics and community members to evaluate and strategize best practices in decentralized governance. Participants will explore some of the broad challenges facing this community and consider ways to ensure that DAOs are governed effectively as they continue to grow and scale.

Lucy FrewPartnerT +1 345 814

Lucy FrewPartnerT +1 345 814