Structures in Distress: An Offshore Perspective Webinar Series

The current and worsening economic downturn is predicted to be unprecedented. Whilst the scale of the financial aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic is yet to be seen and that prediction might well be correct, lessons can always be learned from what has gone before. The Global Financial Crisis of 2008 presented its own unique and similarly unprecedented challenges at the time and whilst memories can fade, many of the difficult and complex issues that had to be wrestled with then will be seen in the coming months and years.

As the leading offshore insolvency and dispute resolution practice, many of Walkers' lawyers across the globe were advising clients and onshore counsel on the front line in 2008; they are therefore uniquely well placed now to share that experience and to provide insights in to the trends that are emerging as markets and structures feel the aftermath of the past months of lockdown.

Walkers is pleased to invite you to a series of short webinars entitled: Structures in Distress: An Offshore Perspective. Each session will provide you with our insight into the key topics and trends that we are seeing develop in our practices, specifically on a cross jurisdictional basis, and will feature speakers presenting on relevant aspects of Cayman, BVI, Guernsey and Jersey law.

Event Dates
This series will be run fortnightly from Wednesday 09 September at 9:00am (BST). The sessions will run for approximately 30-45 minutes each.


Presentation  Date  Registration 
Secured Creditors' Rights | In a Distressed Environment 09 Sept 2020 Register Here
Directors Under Scrutiny | Trading without a playbook: Directors Risks & Rewards from an Offshore Perspective 23 Sept 2020 Register Here
Unsecured Creditors' Rights | In a Distressed Environment 07 Oct 2020 Register Here
Real Estate and Retail Distress | Company Driven Rescue Regimes for Offshore Companies: Compare & Contrast 21 Oct 2020 Register Here
Hedge Funds in Distress | Key issues that arise for hedge funds in distress and the steps that can be taken to help navigate the board of directors through these challenging times 04 Nov 2020 Register Here



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